The Universe of Tom Sawyer

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The Idea

Welcome to the world of Vivlio. We’re a publisher of classics, aiming to revitalise the experience  of reading great books, by bringing together curated print and digital editions. Using the original text as our building block we reveal a wealth of additional material including extensive contextual info, maps, illustrations and other insightful (and delightful) ephemera – all with the goal of providing a richer experience of the story for the reader.



In a word, we are building a “Universe” to accompany each title we produce. The Universe of each classic will have its own unique web presence, with access to content and features for you to read, explore and shop. We offer all popular reading formats: collectible print publications, DRM-free eBooks, and a unique book-in-browser version. It’s worth pointing out that the book-in-browser version will available for free, for anyone to enjoy and share; this is our way of giving back to the community of readers and promoting public domain works.


The Universe of Tom Sawyer


We are  about to launch our first edition based on Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Why this title? Simply put, we love the character and the story that shook the foundations of the 19th-century Puritan and conventional America and we think it’s as fresh and mesmerising as it was when it initially appeared. Tom’s story was one of the first to depict kids being heroes just for being kids. It is a celebration of their imperfections, their eagerness to break the rules or invent their own, their yearning to upset and conquer the adult world.


Tom’s story though is not only a kids book; to quote  Mark Twain himself:

The Universe of Tom Sawyer will made available soon,

Our offering includes:

The Book

A high-quality slipcased edition with original illustrations


Three handcrafted print companion publications with editorials, artwork and informative indexes

Website / Book in Browser

A website where you will be able to read the book for free in a book-in-browser format, with all the contextual info available, plus content about Mark Twain and his era


DRM-free, open and easy to transfer to all devices ebooks in all popular formats (Epub, Mobi, PDF)


Finely crafted, handmade, screen-printed, limited edition posters

We aim to deliver the final product in late 2017 and hope that our readers will sign up for our next publication.

The Team

We are a diverse group of people, passionate about books and reading. Our primary team lives and works in Athens, Greece but some of our members live in Brussels, London and New York. Our skills combine design, editorial, content, development, and marketing. We value print and digital equally, and we see them as inseparable aspects of contemporary reading. We think that publishing today means providing equally high standards for both modes of reading.


We don’t consider ourselves a technology company, but rather, a content and design company that understands technology and uses it to create unique and useful reading experiences. We have worked with major Greek and lately international publishers. Our latest project was the design and development of, the official T.S. Eliot website, commissioned by Faber & Faber and the T.S. Eliot Foundation.


Vivlio is an incubated project as the winner of the Hack the Book hackathon, organised by Onassis Cultural Centre and Europeana Space